Allen, TX Flash Flood Damage Removal

From heavy rains or broken appliances, flooding in your property can be hard to deal with. If stagnant water goes untreated for a long time, rot can set into the floors and infrastructure. Mold growth is another problem in the warm weather of TX and anywhere in the Southeast. Don’t put off calling the Paul Davis Emergency Services of Allen, TX to take out flood damage from your property. We respond to calls 24/7 as well as help you with the insurance.

What Is Emergency Flood Damage Removal?

If you contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of Allen, TX through our Emergency Hotline, we’ll arrive on your property soon after ready to start. First, we conduct an evaluation of the damage to record the intensity of the damage, how long it will require to finish and an estimated cost. As professionals, we do not begin any efforts until you’ve okayed our assessment. With decades of work in flood damage removal across Allen, we will offer the best estimate.

Eliminating Standing Water

When you sign onto our quote, we begin by pumping out standing water inside your home or business. We use specialized pumps to remove all the flood water as possible. This part is needed to taking out damage and avoiding further issues.

Clearing the Air

Taking out the flood water is only the first part of the process. We may need to replace your tiles or drywall to take out any extra harm to the surfaces below the floor. Then, we dry out your property with specialized fans and dehumidifiers. To avoid hazardous mold growth, our team pay attention to each detail possible.