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Storm damage

Celeste, TX Storm Damage Clean Up

The Southeast and TX are famous for harsh weather. From thunderstorms, tornadoes and ice, weather damage appears in many different forms. If your home or business is dealt severe damage from a storm, it can be hard to know what to do next. Paul Davis Emergency Services respond quickly to assist you rebuil damage from storms wherever or whenever harsh weather hits.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair Estimate

The Paul Davis Emergency experts have local experience in storm remediation in days after severe weather across Celeste. We are ready anytime for emergency help and storm damage repair quotes. No matter how much damage, you can call on our certified repair professionals to help your home or business. We assist with the claims route and provide damage remediation quotes. Paul Davis performs storm damage restoration for the following types of events:

Wind Damage

Tornadoes around Celeste, TX and all over the Southeast can span from weak to dangerous. These severe winds can wreak havoc on homes and utility hookups and inflict supplementary damage. Frequent damage caused by tornadoes includes torn siding, smashed windows, ripped shingles and even entire roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t immune in serious tornadoes. Reach out to the specialists at Celeste Paul Davis if your home or business is inflicted with tornado damage.

Water Damage

Water is necessary to live, but in severe rain, it can be dangerous. Water can ooze into structures, destroy walls, carpet and foster mold growth. A severe storm that brings heavy rainfall can leave behind dirty shrapnel or sewage around your yard as well. Paul Davis has specialists to remove water damage, find out more on our page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms incorporate the most damaging parts of high winds and rainfall into one dangerous storm. While tropical storms range in strength, storms have been known to damage buildings, uproot trees and move vehicles. Paul Davis of Celeste offers quotes for storm damage after hurricanes.

Hailstone Damage

Ice and hail can be a normal part of winter in TX. At its most intense, hail can break glass, bend and crack shingles which leads to roof damage. Reach out to Paul Davis of Celeste for help with hail damage.