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Smoke damage

Paul Davis Smoke Damage Contractors Fairview, TX

Repairing the aftermath of a fire is a devastating experience to go through, regardless of how the fire began. Obviously fire can create huge amounts of damage quickly, but a lot people may not be aware that remaining smoke can be a risk to your home and health. Whatever smoke touches can cause staining and odor, especially if the item is porous. We have helped people bounce back after smoke related emergencies for the past forty years. Click on the “Service Request” button to the right and complete the form if you have to have immediate help. Our expert staff can come to your house quickly, we understand the pressure that smoke damage emergencies can make. When you click that button, you’re guaranteed a call back from us in 30 minutes and a specialist at your house within 4 hours.

When they quickly getting to your house, our specialists can offer the following emergency smoke damage repairs:

  • An estimate for your insurance company
  • Emergency structural stabilization and board-ups
  • Careful cleanup
  • Air purification, cleansing of any dirty places and smoke odor elimination
  • Odor removal in homes smelling of cigarette smoke
  • Water removal using dehumidifiers, air movers and water extractors to get rid of standing water
  • Getting your house ready for complete restoration services
  • Careful documentation and removal of damaged clothing, upholstery, personal possessions and other contents for cleaning and restoration

Our competent emergency smoke damage repair specialists from Paul Davis in Fairview, TX have the capabilities and knowledge to efficiently finish these jobs and move you back into your house or office with as little time taken as possible. Paul Davis Emergency Services of Allen, TX‘s team of smoke damage specialists has lots of experience in emergency fire and smoke damage remediation, so you know that if we say that we’re dedicated to returning your life back to its regular state as quickly as we can after a fire, we can back it up. If your house has experienced critical water damage from a fire, click here for more information.

Why Rely on Paul Davis for Emergency Smoke Cleanup Services?

Experience is critical to us. For more than four decades, we have helped get people back to cleaned up and sanitized residences after smoke damage. Contact us quickly if you require emergency smoke damage cleanup and we will put you in touch with a competent staff member. Reach out now for a smoke repair estimate.

Contact Paul Davis Emergency Services of Allen, TX Today

Experience is vital to us. For over forty years, Paul Davis has helped get clients back to sanitized, cleaned up residences following smoke damage. Contact us if you require emergency smoke damage cleanup and we will connect you to a trained staff member. Call now for a smoke damage repair estimate.

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