Repairs for Natural & Artificial Flooding in Greenville, TX

Floods come from a range of places, but can be always harmful for homes and businesses. If you leave it too long, water can cause rot to the walls and infrastructure. Additionally, the warm, moist climate in the South as well as Greenville makes for prime mold growth. Don’t wait call the Paul Davis Emergency Services of Allen, TX to remove flood damage from your property. We respond to calls 24/7 and can assist you with the claim filing process.

Emergency Flood Damage Elimination Process

We answer our emergency line 24/7 and respond to calls shortly after. Once we arrive, we begin with an assessment of the flood to measure the intensity of the damage, how long it would take to complete and an estimated cost. Next, we wait for you to agree to our evaluation before beginning the process. With decades of work in flash flood damage elimination around Greenville, we are qualified to offer the best quote.

Draining the Area

Once you sign onto our assessment, we can start work by eliminating flood water inside your home or business. With the help of large pumps, we eliminate as much water possible. By draining the remaining water and mess, the probability of mold growing lowers.

Clearing the Air

When we’ve taken out the flood water from the affected area, we can start on the hard work by taking out damaged tiles and carpets. The professionals at Paul Davis Emergency Services of Allen, TX accelerate the water removal time with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. To avoid future mold infestations, our staff will be as detailed as possible.