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Storm damage

When Weather Hits in Merit, TX

Harsh storms are frequent and unpredictable in TX and Merit. Spring and fall often bring the most severe storms like tornadoes, tropical storms and thunderstorms. Sadly, even the most prepared residents or commercial properties can be struck by severe weather. Paul Davis Emergency Services are always available to help you repair damage from storms wherever or whenever terrible conditions hit.

Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

Paul Davis Emergency Services contractors have helped locals with storm damage remediation in days after severe storms near Merit. We are ready anytime for emergency services and estimates on storm damage. Whether the damage is big or small, you can contact our bonded repair contractors to help your property. We assist with the claims process and provide damage remediation quotes. Paul Davis offers storm damage repair for these kinds of problems:

Tornado Damage

Throughout the Southeast and TX, tornadoes have left a path of destruction in their wake. These strong storms can level homes and electricity hookups as well as result in supplementary problems. The tornado damage on your property alone can include torn siding, broken windows, ripped shingles and even entire roofs. Wind storms can toss or tip over vehicles and fall landscaping around your home. If you want a restoration quote, contact the professionals from Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Water Damage

Water can be a life-giving force, but in severe rain, it can be destructive. Water can leak into cellars, destroy walls, fabrics and result in mold growth. After a flood, you might discover damage to your driveway, remaining dirt and muck in your home, shrapnel around your yard and sewage issues. Paul Davis has specialists to remove water damage, learn more on our service page.

Tropical Storm Damage

With the worst parts of high winds and floods put together, tropical storms can be terrifying. When a tropical storm hits Merit or anywhere in the region, the heavy rains and winds can be strong enough to damage buildings, landscaping and turn over vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services performs quotes for storm damage after hurricanes.

Hail Damage

Ice and hail can be an expected part of winter in the South. At its most intense, large hailstones can crack glass, bend and cause fissues in siding which leads to permanent damage. Paul Davis Emergency Services are ready to help you repair your property anytime.